Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed at the Captiva Island, Bonita Springs, Boca Grande, River District, Babcock, Sanibel and Coconut Point Farmers Market.  Please refer to our MARKET MANNERS FOR DOGS.

Is there handicap parking?

Each market has designated handicap parking.  You are always welcome to be dropped off at the entrance and have your driver park elsewhere through out the parking area.  Be sure to bring your tag if you are in a handicap spot.

Can I ride my bike to the market?

Yes by all means!  We love bike riders.  It is a great way to visit the market and there are always available areas for storing your bicycle.  Bring a big basket to take home your fresh goods!

Is there a map of where the vendors are located?

No there is not, but it should be easy too find who you are looking for.  We recommend doing one lap of the market to see the variety and then making your purchases.

Do you take credit cards?

Many of the vendors are equipped to handle credit cards, but it is always best to play it safe and bring cash.  Smaller bills really help out the vendors.

Do I need to bring my own bags?

Though many of the vendors have plastic/paper bags available, they appreciate it and so does the environment if you bring your own.

Are the products organic?

At some of the markets, there are a few growers who offer organic produce.  All of the produce is marked accordingly.  Great effort is made to supply local, Florida produce.  In the event that it comes from out of this area, it will be labeled.

Where do I park?

All parking areas are labeled as such and often times a staff member is on hand to direct you to an open spot.  Please note that on Wednesdays, parking is FREE at Lakes Park!

Can I order products on line?

Several of the vendors offer to mail their products and accept payment via pay pal. Check with them and see if this service is available.